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Lealani Shaw Licensed Aesthetician and anti-aging expert based in Atlanta, GA



Lealani Shaw Licensed Aesthetician was born in Hawaii but she calls Central America her home. Growing up in Panama, then a third world country, she learned many holistic methods for healing the skin and body from an early age due to the lack of resources.

Lealani has experienced many aspects of the beauty industry in the last 20 years. At the beginning of her career she worked for MAC Cosmetics, Lancome and Natural Body Spa in various positions: from management, makeup artist and skin aesthetics. These experiences help sharpen both her knowledge about skin as well as her business acumen. She also fell in love with making people feel good about themselves and their image and it became her passion.

In this ever changing world of cosmetic trends, Lealani makes it her duty to stay up to date with the latest in skin care procedures. In an effort to enhance her education aside from becoming a licensed aesthetician over a decade ago, she sought training in traditional and pioneering skin care practices across the continents of Central America, Asia and Europe to provide her clients with an universal perspective on skin care techniques and protocols. Now she brings her expertise to North GA where her clients have become family.

Lealani specializes in advanced skincare treatments and she is one of the first medical aestheticians to perform the revolutionary Fibroblast Plasma Lift in GA


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